Leasing - That's Good to Know!





Who are we?


F.F. Fisher Leasing Corporation is a regional provider of equipment leasing solutions to small businesses in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Montana, Iowa, Nebraska and other states where our Fargo-based relationships have expanded.  The Fisher Leasing organization is an experienced group of relationship-focused leasing experts delivering exemplary customer service.


Key Facts


·        Founded in 1989

·        Serving over 5,500 clients

·        Experienced in over 50 business segments

·        Average lease term is 42 months and average transaction size is $60,000

·        Transactions can range from $10,000 to over $1 million

·        Over 60% of originations are repeat clients           

·        Average staff experience is over 25 years


Company Focus


·        Small-ticket commercial vehicle and equipment leases and loans

·        Fleet management services

·        Agricultural and transportation equipment specialists

·        Face-to-face sales relationship model

·        Primary sales footprint is a 500-mile radius of Fargo, North Dakota

·        Strong business vehicle acquisition, lease structuring and disposition services

·        Convenient and responsive, with timely turnaround



Why Businesses Lease?


·        Over 80% of businesses lease in the U.S.  Good financial management requires companies to look at financing alternatives to creatively expand borrowing capacity and diversify liquidity sources.

·        Leasing helps companies realize the economic benefits and achieve financial flexibility not available through conventional debt financing.  Off-balance-sheet financing can leverage capital for the business.

·        100% financing that includes up-fits, training, installation and freight is available, helping the company maintain cash for operating. Lower payments and longer terms improve liquidity.

·        Fixed payments structured to the company’s cash flow helps planning and budgeting.  Payments can be expensed in the operating budget.


School & University Leasing Programs


Colleges and Universities are looking at leasing their assets as a valuable tool.  Budgetary constraints can prevent asset acquisition when they are needed.  Beginning new programs and leasing the critical equipment can provide affordable and tailored payments, versus large capital expenditures.  The ability to spread payments out over a 3, 4 or 5-year term helps keep equipment and fleet current.  To help you compare our leasing programs with traditional loans and cash purchases, please note the following:


Issue                     Leasing                               Traditional Loan               Cash Purchase

Rate                      Lease payments are           Banks tend to lend on a floating     No impact other than the

Structure              fixed for the term of          or variable basis.  This places rate  opportunity cost to reinvest funds

                              lease.                                   on you.                                               in your business.


Soft Costs             Leases can incorporate      Typically soft costs are not              More out of your cash flow.

                              100% of the transaction   financed.  You must use your

                              soft costs (shipping,          cash flow to cover these costs.

                              taxes, training, etc.)


Down                    Our lease is typically          You may be asked to pay a                             Not applicable.

Payment               structured with 1st             down payment of up to 25%.

                              payment up front.


Compensating     Not required.                      May require minimum deposit       Not applicable.

Balances                                                                           balances and numerous

                                                                           restrictive loan covenants.


Restrictive            Not required.                      May include demand clauses,         Not applicable.

Covenants                                                         blanket liens on all of your

                                                                           business assets, maintenance

                                                                           of certain financial ratios, and

                                                                           restrictions on future debt.


Revolving             A lease is fixed for              Loan may be classified as a              Not applicable.

Structure              the term of the                   revolving loan and can be

               lease.                                   cancelled on an annual basis.


Security                Only the equipment          May take a blanket lien on                             Not required.  But purchased

Filing                     leased by us is listed.         all of your business assets.                             assets become secured assets

                                                                           A blanket lien may restrict                             in favor of the bank, if a blanket

                                                                           your company from borrowing       security agreement is in effect.

                                                                           in the future.


Application          Simple process that           Process can be lengthy and             Not applicable.

Process                 is much quicker than         intimidating.  Loans can take

                              a loan.                                  up to a month to fund.


Tax                        Depending on the lease     Loans make you the owner of         Limited to depreciation over the

Implications         structure, the transaction the equipment.  This limits the       equipment’s useful life.

                              may be 100% deductible. tax advantages to depreciation

                                                                           and the interest expense.


Our Process


1.      Obtain Our Lease Proposal:  After you determine your specific equipment needs with your vendors, we can provide a lease proposal with terms and payments tailored to your specific situation.

2.      Submit Application:  If you decide to proceed, return a completed lease application, along with any requested financial information.  For your University, that can include the following:

a.      Copy of an Incumbency Certificate and Resolution authorizing the lease.

b.      Copies of your audited financial statements (last two years).

c.      Copy of your licensing approval from any regulatory oversight authority for your CDL program.

3.      Credit Review:  Our credit decision is usually rendered with 48 hours of the information and application receipt.

4.      Documentation:  Once approved, lease documents are prepared and emailed to you.  The documents must be executed by an authorized signor and returned to us.

5.      Vehicle Ordering: Once properly executed documents are received, we issue a Purchase Order to your vendor.  You then coordinate delivery details with your vendor.

6.      Delivery and Acceptance:  Upon our receipt of your vendors invoice(s), we contact you for verification of delivery and acceptance.  Once confirmed, the vendor(s) are paid and your lease begins.


Things to Consider When Comparing Proposals


Number of Advance Payments.  The number of advance payments required (such as first and last) can affect your interest rate.  We only require one upfront payment.

Are the Payments Being Applied to the Term?  True advance payments are applied as payments.  Some companies hold the payment as a “Security Deposit”.  This will increase your overall cost to lease.

Make Sure Your Payment Is Fixed and not adjusted at the last minute, based on an “index.”

Understand Your Purchase Option.  If you are told you will own the equipment at lease end, get it in writing and do not rely on what was stated verbally.

Automatic Renewal Clauses.  Make sure this clause does not appear in your lease documents.  If you miss a deadline at lease end, the lease will automatically renew for another year.


Pre-Owned Vehicles - A Good Value!

Did you know when you purchase a new car, it depreciates 20% the moment you drive it off the lot?!  It depreciates another estimated 10% the first year!  This makes buying a good-quality, late-model car a fantastic financial decision.  Along with the saving you the heartache of depreciation, buying used also keeps your insurance rates, tax, and registration fees lower.  You can also buy a substantially better quality used car that will last longer than a new one that costs the same amount.

At FF Fisher Sales, our specialty is late-model, high-quality pre-owned vehicles!


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October 2017

F.F. Fisher Leasing Corporation


October 2017

Regardless of economic and market conditions, financing the acquisition of equipment rather than using cash can offer significant benefits to your business:

·       Capital preservation: Financing and the type of financing selected can help reduce the uncertainty of the investment.

·       100% financing with no down payment:  Preserve your cash flow and retain your cash reserves.  Use your money for revenue-generating areas such as worksite improvements, marketing or research and development.  Keep your business lines of credit intact.

·       Leading-edge technology:  Leasing puts state-of-the-art equipment and technology needed to grow and compete.

·       Improved expense planning:  Leasing provides certainty for budgeting by setting up customized, recurring payments to match your cash flow.

·       Reduce risk:  Leasing spreads out payments over time and helps your business stay focused on managing core operations.

Recent Transactions

Hopper Bottom Ag Trailer                 $95,000           Cattle Rancher

Mobile Lift Systems                            $40,000           Truck Repair Shop

Kenworth Heavy Truck                       $154,000         Trucking Company

Office Furniture/Systems                   $110,000         Healthcare Provider

Hoop Barn System                             $500,000         Cattle Rancher

Work Trucks                                       $400,000         Engineering Services Company

Farm Truck with Grain Box                $36,000           Grain Farmer 

C-Store Equipment                            $55,000           C-Store/Repair Shop Operator

New SUV                                             $72,000           Executive Vehicle

Communication Equipment              $181,000         Municipality

Heavy Haul Trailer                             $100,000         Construction Company

Brewing Tanks/Equipment                $30,000           Craft Brewer


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Advantages of Leasing Equipment

If you are wondering if leasing is a good option for your business, check out this link!  

Are your lines of credit stretched and you need more equipment?  Check out this link!


Medical Equipment Leasing

Medical equipment leasing is a perfect solution for acquiring the needed equipment to set up your medical/dental practice.  Medical equipment can be extremely expensive to purchase and often times is out-of-date well before the final payment is made.  FF Fisher can provide leasing and lease lines of credit for your business, providing leasing on everything it takes to get your business up and running.  We lease office equipment, phone systems, computer hardware and software and, of course, medical equipment. We can even lease the walls for your office space!

Dr. Michael Lillestol – Lillestol Research and Internal Medicine Associates (ima Healthcare)

"We have leased computers - software and hardware; office furniture and equipment, as well as vehicles from F.F. Fisher leasing.  We have worked with them for many years, and they have always provided us with outstanding customer service and support for all of our leasing needs."

Leasing - Everyone is Doing It

According to the SBA, over 80% of businesses lease a portion of their equipment.  Along with providing significant tax advantages, leasing vehicles and equipment can help your business maintain cash reserves, increase cash flow, and preserve bank lines of credit.  Leasing also helps businesses grow without significant out-of-pocket expenses.

Two of the most popular reasons businesses choose leasing:

1.    You can write off 100% of your lease payments from your business corporate income; the IRS does not consider operating leases or TRAC leases to be a purchase.  This write off can surpass the tax advantages of bonus depreciation and accelerated depreciation.

2.  Speed - bank loans seem to take forever and require considerable information.  Our business vehicle and equipment leasing uses a simple underwriting process, and most approvals come back in 24 hours, with approval rates of over 90%.