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Yes! We lease just about anything.

Leasing allows you to update your fleet at its optimum life-cycling point. This helps minimize downtime caused by unscheduled maintenance and repairs. It also helps minimize uncertainty of resale value. Leasing often requires less money up front, freeing up precious capital for operating expenses.

Maintaining your fleet is important for many reasons. Often, your company’s vehicles are the first impression potential customers receive about your business – MAKE IT A GOOD ONE!

  • Construction – Pickups, Semi Tractors, Trailers, Vans, Cranes, Loaders, Backhoes, Vehicles with up-fits, etc.
  • Farm & Agricultural – Tractors, Grain carts, Semi Tractors, Trailers, Trucks, Pickups, etc.
  • Municipal – Police Vehicles, Busses, Fleet units for City Staff, Vehicles with up-fits, etc.
  • Non-Profits – Company Cars, Vans, Pickups, Trucks, Vehicles with up-fits, etc.
  • Medical Field – Company Cars, Pickups, Fleet for Medical Professionals, etc.
  • Oil Field – Fleet Trucks, Semi Tractors, Trailers, etc.
  • Specialty Vehicles, Manufacturing, Distribution, Warehouse, etc

Did you know you can include costs for up-fits, decals, setup, and maintenance into your lease payment, with little or no money down? We can roll fleet, equipment costs, and soft costs all into one monthly payment.

We can tailor your lease to your company’s needs. For seasonal businesses, we can structure the lease so payments are due during busy months, and skip payments when business is slower. If your business is newer or expanding, we can structure payments to increase over time, allowing you to make smaller payments while you build capital.

Paul Diederich - Industrial Builders, Inc. - -

Industrial Builders, Inc. has relied on Fisher Leasing for innovative financing on a wide variety of equipment that we use to accomplish the projects we build. For over twenty years, they have tailored leases for us on anything from large cranes to pickups and automobiles, offering payment terms that meet our business needs. When we need assistance with a lease, we always call FF Fisher first.

Todd Kumm - Dakota Supply Group - -

FF Fisher Leasing always goes above and beyond for us. They anticipate our needs without asking and structure our leases to provide us with the most benefit. The ability to use Fisher Leasing frees up our capital so we can put our money to work and earn a higher rate of return for our shareholders.

American Crystal Sugar Company - - - -

FF Fisher has been a strategic business partner with American Crystal Sugar Company for more than a decade. Their level of commitment, service, and attention to detail is notable. FF Fisher understands our business interests and provides vehicle options that are in line with our needs. They are trusted professionals that value customer relationships.

Randy Christianson - Beverage Wholesalers - -

We have had a great working relationship with FF Fisher Leasing for the past 24 years. Fisher is always flexible and willing to structure our leases to fit our needs. We like the ability to establish lease lines, so as the need arises for vehicles, equipment, or capital assets purchases for acquisitions, we can act quickly. Bob Prowse has provided us with outstanding service, finding every nickel for us.

Dr. Michael Lillestol - Lillestol Research & Internal Medicine Associates (ima Healthcare)

We have leased computers - software and hardware; office furniture and equipment, as well as vehicles from FF Fisher Leasing. We have worked with them for many years, and they have always provided us with outstanding customer service and support for all of our leasing needs.

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